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Papers presentats a conferències

Papers in Political Science Conferences



2018a: "The Right to Self-determination and Shared Sovereignty in the European Union", Seminar From Sel-determination to Shared Sovereignty: Goals and principles for Europe in the 21st Century, Law School, University of Barcelona, September 21st, 2018

2017a: “May be, it depends on theories, history an political culture. Ideas and context matter”, Panel “Federalism as a solution?, Augsburg Universität, Germany, 19 January 2017

2017b: “Democracy and Borders: External and internal secession in the European Union”, EU Borders Research Project, workshop, IBEI, Barcelona, May 29-30, 2017

2017b: Discussant in the presentation of the “RAI Index” (Regional Authory Index) by Arjan Schakel, IEA, Barcelona, March 15, 2017

2015a: “Constitution-making processes. Political and comparative perspectives”, International workshop democratic Change and Citizens’ Participation in the 21st Century, Chairman, IEA, 12 June, 2015.

 2014a: “How to Manage secession. Catalonia”, International Conference Qualified Autonomy and federalism versus Secession in the European Union and its Member States, Eisenstadt, Austria, February 26-28

2014b: “Secession in Liberal Democracies”, Dalhousie University. 2014 MacKay Lecture, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, 11.3.14


2014c: “Secession in European Union member states. Current trends in Spain and the United Kingdom », European Policy Centre and Foster Europe, Brussels, July 10-11

  • 2013a: "Recognition anl political accommodation: from regionalism to secessionism". International Conference on Recognition and redistribution in Multinational Federations, (with M. Sanjaume), Leuven, 3-5 May 2013
  • 2013b : Discusant, Seminar Scotland-Catalonia, Institut d’Estudis Autonòmics, Barcelona, 28 October, 2013

  • 2012a: "Pluralism and liberal democracies. A Hegelian turn", International Conference on Political Modernity in the 21st Century, Universitat de Barcelona, 20-22 February, 2012
  • 2012b: "Refining Political Liberty in Nationally Diverse Democracies", Conference The tragedy of Liberty, Central European University, Budapest, 8-9 June, 2012
  • 2012c: "Religious Pluralism and Political Accommodation: Federalism and Secession", International Conference, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, 29-30 November, 2012. Chairman
  • 2011a: "Conceptual shortcomings and institutional dysfunctions in plurinational democracies. A theoretical and comparative approach", Conference Europe beyond the States, New York University, New York, 27-29 January, 2011
  • 2011b: "Democracy and federalism. Conclusions of comparative research, Workshop, Recode project , European Science Foundation, Helsinki, May 5-7, 2011
  • 2011c: “Democracy and Religious Pluralism in Europe. An overview”, International Conference Religious Pluralism in Europe, Chairman, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, 24-25 November 2011
  • 2010a: "Comparative and theoretical methods in perspective", Workshop Borders and Bonds: Finland and Catalonia in Comparative Perspective, IBEI, Barcelona, 17th December, 2010
  • 2009a: “Revealing the Dark Side of Traditional Democracies in Pluirinational Societies”, Conference on Constitutional Mosaic, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom, April 3rd, 2009
  • 2009b: “Foreign policies and substate entities in a global world”, Workshop on Foreign policies of substate entities: a comparative perspective, Parliament of Catalonia, Chairman, 22nd April 2009
  • 2009c: “Kant, Hegel and multinational democracies”, Tendances actuelles dans les recherches sur les nationalismes et les États multinationaux, Université du Quebec a Montréal (UQAM), Montréal, Canadá, 13-16 May 2009. Co-chairman (with Alain Gagnon)
  • 2009d: “Criticism to the concepts of ‘Constitutional Patriotism’ and ‘Postnationality’“, Research meeting A conversation with Jürgen Habermas, Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, Barcelona, 4th May 2009
  • 2009e: “Small countries in a globalized world: a theoretical and comparative approach. The case of Catalonia”, Conference Small countries and the global crisis: challenges and opportunities?, Cardiff University, United Kingdom, 1st July 2009
  • 2009f: “Three theories of liberalism for three theories of federalism. A Hegelian turn”, Conference on Multinational Federalism, UQAM, Montréal, Canada, 25-27 September 2009
  • 2009g: “Liberal and Federal Deficits in Multinational Federations”, Symposium on Political Self-government of non-sovereign Nations, Université Laval, Quebec City, Canada, 28 September 2009
  • 2009h: “Secession and Liberal Democracy. The case of the Basque Country”, International Conference on State Secession and Separation in Europe and Asia, Hong Kong – Macau, 7-9 December (with Marc Sanjaume)
  • 2008a: “The timber of liberal democracy is still too straigh, The case of nationally diverse democracies”, III International Congress of Human Rights. The political management of cultural and national diversity, Bilbao, 10-13 June 2008
  • 2008b: “Processes of resymmetrization in Europe”, International Workshop on European political asymmetries from a comparative perspective, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, April 19th, 2008
  • 2007a: “Multinational democracies and Federal Models”, International Workshop on Democracy, citizenship and territories, Oñati, Basque Country, March 2007
  • 2007b: “Federalismo, regionalismo y descentralización”, Seminario Internacional Descentralización y Autonomías: Hacia una reforma democrática para Ecuador, Quito, Ecuador, 9-10 mayo 2007
  • 2007c: “Shadows of the Enlightenment in plurinational contexts”, International Conference Nations without States in the Global Era, Queen Mary, University of London, London, United Kingdom, 28-29 June, 2007
  • 2007d: “Regionalism and the nation state as European constitutional elements and divide”, Symposium “For an Open Europe”, Frankfurt Buchmesse, Frankfurt 6-7 Octubre 2007
  • 2007e: “Europe and federal asymmetries”, International Workshop on European processes of resymmetrization, Institut d’Estudis Autonòmics, Barcelona, March 2007
  • 2006a: “Democracy and Federalism. The Case of Minority Nations”, International Workshop on Democracy and Federalism, University of Kent, Canterbury, UK, 2-6 April 2006
  • 2006b: “Pluralismo cultural y democracia”, Opening Lecture, Internacional Seminar Autonomía: nueva relación con el Estado, UNAM, México D.F., 14-17 March 2006 Two other lectures in the same Seminar: “El Estado de las autonomías. Características y balance tras 25 años de experiencia” “Los sistemas federales y la descentralización política”
  • 2006c: “El debate sobre la relación entre centro y autonomías en España”, Congreso Internacional “España: del consenso a la polarización. Cambios en la democracia española”, Berlín, March 30-31, 2006
  • 2006d: “Multiculturality and territorial models: the proposal of political autonomy of the region of Santa Cruz (Bolivia)”, Conflict Prevention and Peace Forum, Social Science Research Council, United Nations, New York, USA, July 6, 2006
  • 2006e: “Democracia, descentralización y pluralismo cultural”, Seminario Democracia, descentalizaçao e desenvolvimento: Brasil & Espanha, Fundaçao Getulio Vargas, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, 23-24 November 2006
  • 2005a: “Political Legitimacy and Minority Rights. The Case of National Minorities”, Conference on Cultural and Minority Rights, European Union Research Training Network, Applied Global Justice, Oxford, United Kingdom, June 3-5, 2005
  • 2005b: “Immigration and minority nations. The limits of traditional political theories”, International Seminar Immigration and Self-Government, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, June 27, 2005
  • 2005c: “Federalism and Multiculturalism. The Spanish Case”, International Meeting on Federalism and Multiculturalism, University of Manila, Philippines, October 3-4, 2005
  • 2005d: “Democracia, descentralización y pluralismo cultural. El caso del Estado de las autonomías” español, II Conferencia sobre diseño del Estado, Sucre, Bolivia, 3-4 noviembre 2005
  • 2004a: “Globalización e instituciones internacionales”, Workshop Reforma de las Instituciones Internacionales, Ubuntu - UPF, Barcelona, 12-13 March 2004
  • 2003a: “Algunas prácticas y retos del gobierno Lula, un año después: partido, prácticas consocionales y relaciones intergubernamentales”, Conference Un año de gobierno Lula: oportunidades y desafíos, CIDOB, Barcelona, December 2003
  • 2002a: “Value Pluralism and Multinational Federalism”, Conference Trascending the National, University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia, 19-21 July 2002 2002b: “Democracy and Federalism”, International Conference on Federalism, Oñati, Pais Vasco, 21-22 June
  • 2001a: “Value Pluralism and multinational Federalism”, Conference on The Institutional Accomodation of Diversity, Saint-Marc-sur-le-Richelieu, Canada, September 20-22, 2001 (Chairman in one of the three sessions of the Conference).
  • 2001b: "Federalism and the Quality of Democracy", Conference Stateless Nations in the 21st Century, University of Edinburgh, 25-27 January 2001
  • 2001c: "Federalism and the Quality of Democracy in Plurinational Contexts: Present Shortcomings and Possible Improvements", European Consortium for Political Research, Grenoble 6-11 April
  • 2001d: "Diversidad cultural y Federalismo" Universidad de Xalapa, Veracruz, México, 6-8 julio 2001e: “Democracy and Philosophy in Multicultural Countries”, III International Congress of the Iberoamerican Society of Utilitarian Studies, 8-10 October Barcelona
  • 2000a: “Liberal Federalism in Plurinational Democracies. A New Language of Politics”, International Conference on “Does Federalism Matter?. Political Institutions and the Management of Territorial Cleavages”, Princeton University, New Jersey, USA, 25-26 February
  • 2000b: “Normative and National Pluralism. A revision of Democracy and Liberal Federalism”, International Conference Europa Mundi, Santiago de Compostela. 21-22 June (Director of the Workshop “Democracy, Nationalism and Federalism in Europe”)
  • 1999: “Federalism and National Groups”, Forum of Federations, Mont-Tremblant, Canada, 4-6 October (discussant: Charles Taylor)
  • 1998a: “Political Liberalism in Plurinational States. The Legitimacy of Plural and Asymmetrical Federalism: The Case of Spain”, Conference In Search of Justice and Stability: A Comparative and Theoretical Analysis of Canada, Belgium, Spain and the United Kingdom, McGill University, Montréal, Canadá, 27-29 March 1998
  • 1998b: “El liberalismo político en estados plurinacionales”, Conference Republicanos, Demócratas, Liberales. Ciudadanía, identidad y comunidad política, El Colegio de México, México D.F, 29-30 April
  • 1998c: “Los límites analíticos de la interculturalidad en las democracias liberales”, Jornadas La Interculturalitat a la Mediterrània, Institut Català de la Mediterrània, Barcelona, 14-16 September
  • 1997a: “Citizenship and Supranational Democracy”, V Encontros Internacionais de Sintra , Portugal, 4-6 July
  • 1997b: “Federalismo y racionalidad práctica en paises de pluralismo cultural. Lógicas liberales y democráticas”, Instituto de Estudios Internacionales, Proyecto ALFA de la Unión Europea, Santiago de Chile,1-2 diciembre
  • 1996a: "Democratic Citizenship in Multicultural Societies", Seminar at Johns Hopkins University, Institut for Policy Studies, Baltimore, USA, July 1996
  • 1996b: "Are Citizenship, Nationalism and Federalism integrative Trends?, European Consortium for Political Research, Oslo, Norway, 30 March-5 April 1996 Rudolf Wildenmann Prize, 1997, First edition of the Prize.
  • 1996c: “Canadian Federalism from a European perspective”, Conference Beyond the impasse”, Institute Research on Public Policy, Montréal, Canadá, 4-8 December
  • 1996d: “Democratic Citizenship in Multicultural Societies”, Conference on European Citizenship, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, 28-29 November Chairman, session “Current Issues on European Citizenship”
  • 1994: "Three Concepts of Citizenship for One Concept of Democracy", XVIth World Congress, International Political Science Association, Berlin 1994, August 21-25.
  • 1993: "An Analitical Model for the Political Legitimacy of Legislative Decisions. The Case of the Basque and Catalan Parliaments (1987-1992)" European Consortium for Political Research , Leiden, The Netherlands, 2-8 April, 1993
  • 1992a: "Competitive Democracy. The case of the Spanish transition" Congress of Young Political Leaders of Ukraine, Kiev, Ucrania, 11-14 June 1992
  • 1992b:"Rational Fallacies and Competitive Democracy. Schumpeter's Work Fifty Years Later" International Political Science Association, Political Philosophy Research Committee, London 28-31 Mayo 1992
  • 1991a: "Liberal and Participative Democracies", International Workshop on Postdemocracy, Universidad Complutense (with C.Offe, B.Barber, S.Lukes, P.Birnbaum, B. de Sousa, J.Dunn, N.Lechner, M.Salvati, H.Kreissi, y J.Vidal-Beneyto), El Escorial, Madrid, August 1991
  • 1991b: "Elitist Democracy or Liberal Democracy?", European Consortium for Political Research, Joint Sessions, Essex University, United Kingdom, 22-28 March 1991


2015a: “Democràcia i processos constituents”, Teoria i pràctica del procés polític a Catalunya, Universitat de Girona (UdG), 15.5.15


2014a: “Visions i tractaments de la secessió i del dret a decidiren la literatura comparada i la seva aplicació al cas espanyol, basc i català”, Seminari Soberanías imaginadas en construcción: Euskadi y Cataluña, Institut Català Internacional, Barcelona, 28.4.14


2014b: “Democracias y Pluralismo Nacional en el siglo XXI. Legitimidad y soluciones institucionales”, Jornadas Internacionales: Naciones y Estados en el Siglo XXI. Democracia y Derecho a Decidir, Donostia 10-12, diciembre 2014

  • 2009a: “Déficits lberales, federales y nacionalesdel Estado de las Autonomías: un modelo de mera ‘conllevancia’ reacio a la ‘vertebración’ del Estado”, Fundación Ortega y Gasset, Madrid, 27 April 2009
  • 2008a: “Democracia directa y emancipación nacional”, Congreso Crítico, Bilbao, 15 November, 2008
  • 2007a: “La transició política i el model territorial”, Simposium, La configuració de la democràcia a Espanya, UAB-CEFID, 15-17 November 2007
  • 2007b: “El futuro del estado de las autonomías”, Fundación Coloquio Jurídico Europeo, Madrid, 23 November 2007
  • 2003a: “Una democracia plurinacional a medio hacer”, Conference El plan Ibarretxe y el estado de las autonomías, Palacio de Miramar, Universidad del País Vasco, S. Sebastián, February
  • 2003b: “Multinational democracies and plural federalism”, Democracia y Diversidad, FRIDE, Madrid, 2, March 2003
  • 2003c: “El multiculturalisme des de la teoria política actual”, Jornades Multiculturalisme i Pais Basc, Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona, 6 June 2003
  • 2002: Diversitat cultural a la mediterrània, relator en el Simposio “Europa- Mediterrània. Polítiques d’immigració”, Institut de la Mediterrània, Barcelona, 30 January - 1 February
  • 2001: Les reformes institucionals de la Unió Europea, Institut d'Estudis Autonòmics, Jornades sobre Acció exterior de la Generalitat, Barcelona 4-5 July
  • 2000: Workshop Xarxa Temàtica, Universitat Pompeu Fabra. Barcelona, March 7 (Seven Universities, director)
  • 1999a: “Les noves perpectives de l’autonomia”, Institut d’Estudis Autonòmics, Barcelona 28 January
  • 1998a: “Democràcies interculturals i liberalisme polític”, Jornades sobre Democràcia i Governabilitat en Estats Plurinacionals, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, 26-27 February 1998
  • 1998b: “Acuerdos federales y pluralismo cultural”, Encuentro Hispano-Alemán “El desafío Multicultural” , Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, Instituto de Filosofía, Madrid, 16-17 October
  • 1997: “Racionalidad práctica, plurinacionalidad y federalismo”, III Congreso de la Asociación Española de Ciencia Política y de la Administración, Salamanca 2-4 October 1997 (Director of the Workshop: La legitimidad democrática en estados de pluralismo cultural. Multiculturalismo, federalismo y nacionalismo)
  • 1996a: "Pluralismo, democracia y federalismo. Una revisión de la ciudadanía democrática en estados plurinacionales", II Congreso de la Asociación Española de Ciencia Política y de la Administración , Santiago 18-20 April 1996 (Director of the Workshop: Multiculturalismo, Nacionalismo y Federalismo. La revisión del liberalismo en los años noventa)
  • 1996b: "Ciudadanía y Federalismo en Sociedades Multiculturales", Jornadas sobre Gobernabilidad y descentralización en América Latina, UPF, Barcelona, 8-9 March, 1996
  • 1996c: "Multiculturalismo y ciudadanía democrática", Jornadas sobre "Los desafíos políticos del multiculturalismo", UNED, Segovia 10-12 April 1996
  • 1994a: "La legitimación política en las democracias liberales", Ponencia del Grupo de trabajo de Teoría Política delI Congreso de la Asociación española de Ciencia Política y de la Administración , Bilbao 5-7 December 1994
  • 1994b: "La legitimación en las decisiones parlamentarias en los Parlamentos de Cataluña y del Pais Vasco", Jornadas Parlamento y Opinión Pública, Asociación Española de Letrados de Parlamentos, Madrid, 26-28 October
  • 1994c: "Sociedad multicultural y renovación del liberalismo", Jornadas sobre Canadá, Patronat Pro-Europa, Bacelona, April 1994.
  • 1989: "Criterios de legitimación y decisión legislativa. Un análisis del Parlament de Cataluña (1980-1988)", VII Congreso de la Asociación Española de Ciencia Política y Derecho Constitucional, Girona, March 1989.
  • 1984: "El valor de la igualdad en la postmodernidad política", IV Congreso de la Asociación Española de Ciencia Política y Derecho Constitucional, Alicante, May, 1984


2010a: Workshop “Religious Pluralism in Europe. Philosophical and Legal Trends”, UPF, December 2010. Chairman


2010b: Workshop “Borders and Bonds: Finland and Catalonia in Comparative Perspective”, IBEI, December 2010. Discussant ("Theoretical approches to the analyses of nationalism").

cas espanyol, basc i català”, Seminari Soberanías imaginadas en construcción: Euskadi y Cataluña, Institut Català Internacional, Barcelona, 28.4.14


2014b: “Democracias y Pluralismo Nacional en el siglo XXI. Legitimidad y soluciones institucionales”, Jornadas Internacionales: Naciones y Estados en el Siglo XXI. Democracia y Derecho a Decidir, Donostia 10-12, diciembre 2014

  • 2003a: Jornadas sobre políticas sociales en latinoamérica”, CIDOB, Barcelona, April (Discussant)
  • 2003b: Preparation of the issues for the meeting of the European Christian-democratic foundations, July 2003 (with J. Jordana and C. Ramió)
  • 2003c: “Resutats electorals i coalicions de govern”, Forum de Ciència Política, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, December 2003
  • 2000: “Reform of German Federalism. An International Approach”, Bertelsmann Foundation, Berlín 11-12 May
  • 1997a: “Building Democracy in Diverse Communities”, United States Department of State, Washington DC, New York, Memphis (Tennessee), Des Moines (Iowa), Los Angeles (California), 13 August-6 September 1997
  • 1997b: “Multiculturalism in Comparative Perspective. Spain and the United Kingdom”, UAM-Univ Keele, Miraflores, Madrid, March 20-21
  • 1996: “Els nacionalismes com a objecte d’estudi de les ciències socials. Perspectives teòriques I metodològiques”, Fundació Jaume Bofill, Barcelona, November 1996
  • 1991: "Crisis cultural y tecnologías" Seminar with Daniel Bell, Colegio de periodistas de Barcelona, Fundación Acta, July 1991
  • 1989: Seminario de Pensamiento Político del Instituto de Filosofía del Centro Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, Madrid, April 1989
  • 1992-1994: Seminar of Political Science (director), Universidad Pompeu Fabra. Participants (selection): V.Navarro, Johns Hopkins Univ; A.Melich, Comisión Europea; I.Sotelo, Univ libre Berlín; K.J.Nagel, Univ Frankfurt; J.R.Montero, UAM; F.Vallespín, UAM; A.Windhoff-Heritier, Univ Bielefeld; R.Cotarelo, Univ Complutense; R. del Aguila, UAM; B.Dente, Univ Bolonia; M.Warren, Georgetown University; D Beetham, Univ of Leeds; D. Held, Open University
  • 1987: Participation in the “Segundo Encuentro sobre Metodología y Enseñanza de la Ciencia Política en España”, U.N.E.D, Madrid, October
  • 1989: Participation in the Tercer Encuentro profesores Area de Ciencia Política y de la Administración, Universidad Complutense, Madrid, October
  • 1981-1991: Participation in the Seminars of Theories of the State, Political Science and Constitutional Law Departament, Universidad de Barcelona
  • 1989-1991: Participation in the Seminars of the Institut de Ciències Polítiques i Socials
  • 1981-1989: Participation of the Seminars of the Asociación española de Derecho Constitucional y Ciencia Política
  • 1991: Participation in the VII Encuentro C.I.S.- Universidad. Granada, 13-14 December 1991
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